March 02, 2006

Bring Your Own Film Festival, Puri

"Bring Your Own Film Festival (BYOFF) is an annual event held during February every year on Puri beach. To call it just a film festival is to limit its unique magical quality. It’s a festival without hierarchy, competition, juries and awards where not only filmmakers but also artists from other fields like music, theatre, painting and photography are encouraged to participate and show their work."

Since 2004, the magical beaches of Puri are filled up with filmmakers around this time of the year. This is the BYOFF, where screenings go on till early in the morning, and late in the everning inside makeshift tents, after the sunset. The USP of this Film Fest, you can bring your own movies and have it screened. And it goes on for five days.

I wonder if we could have something like this in Pune. Anybody interested do let me know.

(link: spinCycle)
(link: Desicritics)


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