March 10, 2006

Wishing for Introverted Animals

This is one interesting article about introverts.(from).
Good article, but somehow I had a feeling that I knew all about it even before I read it. Guess I'm one too. But it's really for the extroverts to read it, I don't need a link to tell me about myself :-)
(link: The Atlantic)

There was also a Lost and Found rat-squirrel returning after 11 million years. It's not just that. Biologists have also found unique animals, like a type of wild ox called the saola, barking deer, and never-before-seen bats.
They say that now the challenge is to trap live ones and calculate how many still exist to determine whether the species is endangered. Quite right, we wouldn't want to wait another 11 million years to see the next one.
(link: CNN)
While we are still on funny animals, divers in Paris have found a furry lobster. In fact the scientists are so excited, they named a new family for the new found animal. I'm still wondering if that is what scientists do when they are excited, I'm lucky not to be one.
(link: CNN

And finally a wish list of things which should be available by 2016.

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