March 28, 2006

Travelling Festival of South Asia 2006

The Event

TFSA is a tradition that began with the first Film South Asia festival, held in September 1997, after which 15 outstanding films chosen from those amongst the festival, travelled to 40 venues. The second TFSA, subsequent to FSA '99, traveled to more than 45 venues. Following on FSA 2001, the third TFSA, went to 48 venues and TFSA ’04 with a selection from the fourth edition of the festival went to 51 venues.

The FSA Secretariat encourages organisers and film enthusiasts in towns and cities large and small – all over – to consider hosting TFSA and bringing a taste of this at-once diverse and unifying package of documentaries to audience in South Asia and in the world.

In TFSA, the films travel all over South Asia and the world, giving audiences far removed from each other an opportunity to sample an exciting range of topics and themes, presentation styles and techniques. TFSA ’06 would travel to many more cities and venues within the countries of South Asia, helping generate understanding and empathy among ourselves. At the same time, it will also provide the critical context required for others to understand us.

The 15 films that are part of this travelling collection were chosen from those screened at FSA ’05 with the help of the festival’s three-member jury, chaired by the Bangladeshi filmmaker Tareque Masud. They include four of the award winners at FSA ’05.

Hosting TFSA

The TFSA package comes with the 15 films in professional-quality Mini-DV tapes (or VHS cassettes or DVDs), TFSA posters, festival catalogues and display material. It is recommended that the TFSA be shown through high-quality video projection systems. The 15 films vary significantly in length and may ideally be screened over three consecutive afternoons-evenings, though a more flexible schedule may certainly be considered. Cumulatively, the 15 documentaries constitute approximately 15 hours of viewing time.

Please note that the festival will only travel to cities where host organisations are willing to take full responsibility for publicity, screenings and all associated logistics. As per FSA's agreement with the individual filmmakers and production houses, the screenings may only be non-commercial. This means that entry fees at TFSA may at best be used to offset screening costs, and nothing more.

The organisers are also asked to display a poster of Himal South Asian magazine, which was co-organiser of FSA ’05 at a prominent spot and make available the magazine subscription slips provided.


There is no charge levied on hosts and venues within South Asia. Beyond the region, an all-inclusive charge of USD 700 per venue is levied by the FSA Secretariat in order to defray all TFSA-related costs (anything left over will go to the organisation of FSA’07, to be held in September 2007). The local host (whether in South Asia or overseas) takes the responsibility of dispatching the set of films to the next venue as directed by the FSA Secretariat.

Budget allowing, the TFSA host may want to invite the individual filmmakers to their venue. While it is not obligatory, the host may also consider inviting an FSA official from Kathmandu, who will be able to introduce the festival before the local audience and in doing so promote the agenda of non-fiction film in South Asia. Any host seeking the presence of an FSA official will have to pick up the related cost of travel and stay.

More Information

For more details about Traveling Film South Asia, including travel schedule, please contact Film South Asia, assistant director, Upasana Shrestha at fax + 977-1-5541196 or email

Further information on Film South Asia ’05, including full listing, jury report, press releases, etc, is available at website

Film South Asia
Himal Association
PO Box 166
Patan Dhoka
Tel: 977-1-5542544

List of Films

A Certain Liberation (38 min)
Bangladesh, 2003, Directed by Yasmine Kabir
Winner of the Second Best Film Award at FSA ‘05

The City Beautiful (78 min)
Delhi/India, 2003, Directed by Rahul Roy

City of Photos (60 min)
India, 2005 Directed by Nistha Jain
Special Commendation at FSA ’05

Continuous Journey (87 min)
India/Canada, 2004, Directed by Ali Kazmi
Winner of the Ram Bahadur Trophy for Best Film at FSA ’05

Dirty Laundry (42 min)
South Africa, 2005, Directed by Sanjeev Chaterjee

Final Solution (149 min)
Gujarat/India, 2004, Directed by Rakesh Sharma
Winner of Special Jury Award at FSA ’05

Girl Song (29 min)
West Bengal/India, 2003, Directed by Vasudha Joshi

Good News (17 min)
Assam/India, 2005, Directed by Altaf Mazid

The Great Indian School Show (53 min)
Maharastra/India, 2005, Directed by Avinash Deshpande

Lanka: The Other Side of War and Peace (75 min)
Sri Lanka, 2005, Directecd by Iffat Fatima

The Legend of Fat Mama (23 min)
West Bengal/India, 2005, Directed by Rafeeq Ellias

The Life and Times of a Lady from Avadh: Hima (135 min)
Pakistan, 2005, Directed by Shireen Pasha

Sunset Bollywood (54 min)
India, 2005, Directed by Komal Tolani

Team Nepal (37 min)
Nepal, 2005, Directed by Girish Giri

Teardrops of Karnaphuli (60 min)
Bangladesh, 2005, Directed by Tanvir Mokammel

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