March 17, 2006

The beginning of time and before

He was born to a caring family of a doctor and a school teacher. Like all kids, there was hardly anything from those days that he recalled. Except ofcourse, a few glipses of the past, which remained with him, till the end of his life. Though he would think, that surprisingle they were nothing like the black and white photographs that his parents showed him. He remembered life back then to be as coulourful as always. Probably, he thought to himself, that the colors lost thier brightness as the time passed by.

They gave him a strange name. For it was not very popular even in the part of the world that he came from. The story behind his name went something like this. His father was posted in Calcutta in those days, the capital of West Bengal, the home of Rabindra Nath Tagore, Satyajit Ray and the like; and one of his father's old and dying patients, suggested him this name, as a rememberance of the old man's grandfather. And somehow his father liked it. So he called up his mother, who was in Delhi, eight and a half months pregnant, alone, because Dad could not get leave, and with the same half smile on his face, which had won her heart, he told her that he had a name if it was a boy. They had decided on a different name earlier, but that day they decided to go ahead with this one. And then our guy, quietly showed up on one cold December night, and ended up with the name.

Life is strange. One unrelated old man, who never even saw the child's face, who sleeps peacefully in his grave now, gave the kid something which the rest of the world associated him with for the rest of his life.

And thus began his journey, with a strange name, no hair and no teeth, he set out to rule the world.