March 17, 2006

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

A newly married couple went to an art exhibition. After spending some time there, they came on a picture which showed three black men naked sitting on a bench in a beautiful garden. One of the men sitting on the edge had a pink dick and a broad smile, while the other two had black dicks. Intrigued, they called upon the curator, and asked him what did the painting mean. The curator, an old man, told them that the painter wanted to potray the degredation of black men in the society. The black men have been opressed for so long that now they have a need to feel more like the white men. They are losing their identity and are proud of losing it. The couple was impressed at how crearly the curator seemed to understand the painter. After the curator left, a young man, with long hair, came to them and the husband explained to him what the picture symbolized.
The young man laughed and said no. He said he was the one who has made the potrait and he knew better what it was all about. And that it had nothing to do with black men. So the couple asked him that if what the curator told them was wrong, what is the painting about. And the young man said. The painting is of three australian coal workers. And one of them went home for lunch.

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