March 23, 2006

Chevrolet Aveo

General Motors, has decided to withdraw Opel brand from the market and focus on the Chevrolet brand. This was stated by Ankush Arora, Vice President of GM, while lauching the Chevrolet 'Aveo'. The new Aveo, he said has been placed with Hyundai Accent, Honda city and the like.

Aveo has a 1.6 litre engine, which I might add is lesser than Palio. I think it is also available in with the 1.4 engine. In a review on rediff a few days back, I had read that it was able to move pretty smoothly at 160 and he seemed much more fascinated with the 1.4 model. The car actually looks pretty small if you ask me, and I would definitely not compare it to the Honda City. As it is the car isn't the coolest thing in the market, the five door model for aveo really sucks, though I am not sure if it is coming to India. I would hope that it doesn't.

It is still not clear how much would the car cost, but I've heard it would be close to 6 lakhs for the 1.4 and 7 for the 1.6. We would just need to take a little longer to find out how the car would do. But if you looking for a car right now, I guess Fiesta would be a lot better car. Till GM comes to India with a few of their better cars, I doubt if they would ever do really well.

Anyways Best of luck GM.


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