March 17, 2006

Running Away From Home

After years of laborious studies in diverse subjects, he did manage to get admission in an engineering college. Infact there were three to choose from. At that time, he thought that it would be the most difficult decision he would ever make. It definitely was the biggest,and the most difficult one at that time. The options, in front of him were not the best one could hope for but they were definitely the best that he could hope for.

The first option he had was The Delhi College Of Engineering, a pretty good college offering him degrees in environmental engineering or civil engineering, and it gave him the option of staying with his parents as well, but he didn't like the courses, so they lost a bright kid.

The second option was The Roorkee college of Engineering. They were offering him a course in Architecture, a five year course, in a college that was amongst the top ten engineering colleges in India. And after a thorough reading of Ayn Rand that summer, all he wanted to be was an architect. Besides it was just about four hours from home, so he could turn up there on weekends.

The last option was the Army Institute of Technology in Pune, 1500 kms away from home, famous for nothing, created a few years back. They offered him degrees in Electronics and Telecommunication Engg and Mechanical Engg.

He met a lot of people, gathered a lot of advice, and it was decided that he was going to join Roorkee. The counseling for Roorkee was still a few weeks away so Dad recommended that they go down to Pune and check out this other college too. He reckoned it would be a good trip, for he hadn't been anywhere in a while, so they came all the way, to check out this new college.

Pune, with its bright skies, pleasant weather, the constant little drizzle, cold winds, green grass, with small flowers scattered along, had a entrancing effect on the to-be-engineer. He found it so beautiful, that in just a moment he decided that this was where he wanted to be. More so, it was freedom, it was getting away from home. The next day, his father took the train and went back home alone.

It's been years, and Mom still tries to convince him everytime they talk that now it is time for him to come back. But he still lingers on, there is no home now, everyplace is home now.