July 27, 2005

Anti-Google Sentiments

Four weeks ago, I decided to start two new blog pages. When I started these, I also added my pages to the major search engines, but as google in the one I always use, I have been waiting for my pages to appear there. And now it seems like forever

The links have been available on yahoo for a long time now, matter of fact if you type the title of this page on Yahoo this page shows up at number two. But I've had no luck with google yet. It can't be accesed even by using the link: syntax.

What I am wondering is that is it normal for google take so much time or it did try to add this blog to it's archives but didn't find it upto the mark. Further it is possible that google does not have enough resources to be able to manage everything that they have been acquiring in the last few years. They have taken over the reins of 64 companies and the search sor more is everlasting. Also they have not been able to or have refused to provide the final versions of any of thier softwares. It's still gmail-beta, groups -beta, ...

All they seem to be doing is stealing Managers from Microsoft in China. And that too seem to be more of a attention-grabbing stunt. I am sure that before they even recruited the executive, they must have known that the problem was bound to occur. But chose to ignore it, probaly just to find out if they had the guts to face microsoft.