July 16, 2005

emancipation - hour 58

I just can't stay in the same room as the bed. My roomie tells me I'm nuts. But has offered to give me company tonight if we drink. It sure is a difficult decision, because if I drink, it's going to really difficult to stay up. But what's the point of a weekend if you don't drink. Besides, it's too boring to stay up all night sitting alone. But I'm hoping, I don't drop off tonight, a lot of effort would get wasted. And I know I'm too lazy to try it out again.

My eyes have started swelling up a bit, though not very visible, but the redness might be. Roomie says that it's very prominent, but I think he's just exaggerating. Nobody would give a damn at the pub anyways. But I look more and more like druggie...

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