July 08, 2005

celebrating single life

According to The Times of India, Kevin Nadal, a 27 years old New Yorker, invited 32 of his close friends yesterday and got married to himself. The point - Celebrating single life. He says that single people are marginalised in our culture. People believe that they don't have the commitment to be in a relationship. Especially in India, you cross 26 or 27, and your parents would start chasing you. I guess the age bracket is even lesser for women. More than that, I guess watching your friends with their partners, is more of an issue with women than guys.
Whatever the case,marrying oneself may definitely solve a number of issues like divorce, pre-wedding jitters, cheating spouses, interfering in-laws, dowry, forgotten birth and wedding anniversaries and such like. Also the world will also be able to get rid of complaining and nagging spouses forever, which can only be a good thing.
Now that gay marriages have become legal in Spain, and probably Canada too, I wonder if marrying yourself you ever be legal. It would bring upon a lot of difficult questions too. What happens if Nadal falls for a girl, then what does he do, divorce himself and get married. If he doesn't divorce himself, then would the second marriage be illegal. Technically if self marriages become legal, then you could marry somebody else, and if when you get a divorce, you wouldn't have to pay her a damn thing.
Coming back to the point, being single is not that bad a thing after all. Five minutes with a married man, and you have enough to think about. But whatever you do, don't get near people who are just about to get married, they move around with strange happy ideas in their heads. On the whole, if you got nobody to go with today, get yourself a drink and raise a toast to single life.