July 15, 2005

emancipation - hour 28

Project Managers are worse than professors. Atleast the professors had other students to pick on. This guy has only me. And I am on a non-sleeping marathon, so ofcourse I can't understand anything. Well I'm not even trying, but he did try his best, to explain to me the reason for the slow performance. This is not exactly time when I would like to work though, but it's kinda impossible for me to explain it to him, so I'll just shake my head, as if every word that he said, has been imprinted on my mind forever. He is giving me a strange look, probably he is not so used to seeing me take his suggestions so easily. Good for him, he'd have a nice weekend.
And luckily he didn't screw me with documentation today. That would have broken my determination for sure. This, maybe I can handle.

When the devil came to earth the last time, he handed some test plans here, which he asked his good friend PM, to keep updating regularly. They have a good cheerful, cover, with a charming logo of the company, but everything inside it is unholy crap. I don't even read it, mom told me not to never ever read such bad stuff again, after she had caught the pornos in my school bag.

But now It's time for lunch, so I am rushing to the Food Court. More on the this, later.

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