July 06, 2005

nitin's theory of evolution

This is what one of my friends has to say on the theory of evolution. Any answers....

"I think it is time we debated upon the theory of evolution. If what we came from is a monkey then how come they have not developed with us.. I mean like you have men on different continents all developing at the same time (africans Caucasians Asians etc)..

My point is that Charles Darwin sab ko maaamu bana gaya.
Theory of Evolution is the most high profile shit anyone can throw at you and you must be really gullible to believe.
I think everything has been just about like this from time immemorial.
Like there were dodos there were Dinosaurs, they perished under different circumstances but there was nothing to do with natural selection.
If you have floods in Gujarat and a 100 people die that is hardly what you would call natural selection."