July 22, 2005

Smoke rings - Day 0

This is how I had got my first puff, and after almost 7 years from that day, I have decided to try and see if it has taken over completely or not.

Like all smokers, I have quit a lot of times. I quit so many times, that I eventually quit quitting, because it was just too much. And for the last two years, I haven't even made any sincere efforts to do so. Because there was never a reason good enough, but today I just want to do it.

Now I want to be realistic, and practical. I am not saying that I would quit once and for all. This is just for a week, starting 12am on Saturday the 23the of July and finishing on Friday at 11:59:59 pm on the 29th of July.

This should be a good ordeal. Wish me luck god. Wish me luck.

It is still 5 minutes to 12, I think I should go out and get some fresh air, before the long week.

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