July 01, 2005

importance of blogger

After my first post yesterday, I realized, why did google move over to buy blogger. I always thought blogging was for the kids, who wanted to put something up on the net, without working too hard, or for the failed politicians, ( that kind of people ), who had some big agenda which they wanted to inform everybody about, the kind of people, who failed to find a good soul, on to whom they could download the fundas of thier life.

But after yesterday's blog, I felt some kind of a relief, after destroying the life of my boss. Even though I doubt that anybody read it, and if somebody did, they had no idea who was talking about whom. It's even possible my boss read it and felt sorry for the guy who wrote it, without realizing it was meant for him. Or maybe some boss somewhere read it screwed up some guy in his team, who he imagined to have written it. My point is that it gives you a relief to let it out of your system. For I need not worry about who reads it, and in addition there is a consolation that I told it to somebody.

And I think maybe those kids who just wanted to put something on the internet do it for the same reason as me, just to get it out. Also the people who I called the failed politicians earlier. There was something they felt strongly about, and with this they can let thousands see the world from thier eyes.

In the end, somehow I felt myself belonging to this huge community of people, all of whom are living a life, in which everything does not go thier way, and there are things that need to come out. For it's not always possible to let someone you know, know about it. It's like doing a monolouge on television. You can't see them there, but you know they are. And they all understand why you expressed, what you expressed, or atleast somebody does.

This is the voice, of ordinary people like you and me, the middle children of history, with no extraordinry place, no extra-ordinary skills, with a mind which wanders off to far off lands, which thinks, and which has hope that someday we would be what we want to be. Someday we would live in the dream world that we knit for ourselves day after day. That is why it is so important.