July 06, 2005

web fire escape

The next time you are surfing the net, when you are stacked with issues, which have to be solved by tomorrow or else the multi million dollar companies ( read your clients ) would supposedly stop working, while the Account Managers are busy calling you so that you can give your word that all of issues would be complete by tomorrow, but you just want to take it easy. In all this confusions, the evil project manager gets up from his seat and starts moving towards you, while the bitch developer who sits next to you, sees him coming and passes a devilish smile, for you are in all propablity fucked. And then when he comes up oh so close, you realize that you need to get off the page and look busy, fret not. Here is the Web Fire Escape, your passage to safety. Try it out sometime and let me know ( and the people who made it ) about how did you find it.
I haven't tried it out yet, as I think I am unable to de-prioritize such important tasks as watching out for the PM, to a mere machine. But I am open to feedback.