July 14, 2005

emancipation - hour 1

I have been addicted to sleeping since times immemorial. My personal records have been unbeatable, well almost, if you don't count the people like this guy in my college, who kept sleeping which his bed was burning. Somehow people managed to wake him up, and he put out the fire, and dropped dead in the same bed again. Five minutes later, a lot of people had to wake him again because his bed was still on fire. Ofcourse these are extra-ordinary men, but I still have a good reputation among sleepers. There are a lot of days in the calender which haven't registered with my brain and possibly never will, because I forgot to get up on those occasions. ( No I didn't say get it up ). But that was one year back in college. You didn't get paid to go to college.

But you do get paid to come to office, so now I pride myself in getting up and going to office at ten everyday. A feat I hardly managed in college. But I needed to emancipate myself, for those days and days of sweet sleep, so I have decided to go for seven days without sleep. Yes that's right one whole week.

This is the first hour. It's 10:30 am on July the Fourteenth. And so far I have been taking it well. No droosy, sleepy eyes yet. See I told you I could do it.

Since in the last one year, the classroom has been replaced by the office, so I would be continuing my endeavour right here in office. It all looks fine right now. Will check in later.

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