July 07, 2005

have spacesuit, will travel

One more guy makes his way into space. Gregory Olsen, a 60-year old, has signed a deal, which would put him into orbit for a week. I wonder how long would I have to wait before I can make a trip there. This guy is supposedly paying $20m to get there. No wonder he had to wait till he got 60 years old to go. And since I don't plan to wait for that long, I have been looking at other alternatives, specifically more affordable alternatives. Richard Branson, for example, has offered to take me there ( not specifically for me though ) for a mere $200k, starting from 2008.
Now I would like to make the trip before my thirtieth birthday and before I get married and all, so that means I have another seven and a half years to save enough money. Assuming that I can now save 15k a year, and allowing for inflation at approximately 3%, my salary would need to increase by approximately 38% each year. Given my productivity, I doubt that could be a realistic value. So I reckon, I can delay my 30 year plan a bit. If I get the usual 15% raise in salary every year, and I save up all the money I can, I would have enough money in a little less than 16 years. That is to say, it is possible that I might go up in space in the year 2020.
So if you want me to pick up a few pics of your city or something, you can start booking from tomorrow.