July 17, 2005

emancipation - hour 82

They are still running re-runs of Murder by numbers on Channel Nine. They've showed it once every two months, ever since I have come here. Though I never see it, but I
will see it the next time they show it. I hope they show me a movie about the Ku-klux clan. Or the genocides from South East Asia or Africa or something interesting. I don't want to listen about the London bombings.in London. I know the terrorists are out to destroy the peaceful civillizations of the world. They say one of the bombers cried on 9/11 when the world trade centres were reduced to rubble. How much can a man change in four years. 73 people died in this mishap and it has been hogging the headlines for the last one week. One american girl disappeared and it's been making headlines too. Poor girl. It's not that I am a heartless bastard, but there is something that I've notived. Every one of the twenty one years I spend in India, I used to hear about so many people dying everyday. It's good to know that all of that has stopped since I have come here. They've been crying for months about that one girl, so many people just die in Kashmir, and nobody hears about it. Why? Ask yourself. Those deaths in India doesn't make headlines anymore. It's just so strange, like I had a hand in all that, like those people were dying because I was still there. I'm glad I saved the lives of so many people, I already feel like a hero, a sleepy hero.

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