July 18, 2005

emancipation - hour 92

It's almost time for the sun to come up again. I have never been awake for four consecutive sunrises before. Dad would be proud. Not that it matters now, but it still feels good.
The tele is still on, and some second grade comedy shows have been on all night. Suprisingly, they are still showing advertisements for online dating web sites, for staright as well as not so straight people, at six in the morning. It is simple logic that somebody so desperate as to go looking for a date online, would be desperate enough to get up this early to watch the add as well. In my country, they played some prayers early in the morning, atleast on the Doordarshan, and I always thought it was stupid, because if you wanted to pray you wouldn't be watching the tv., in the first place. Now I realize that whatever they put up at this time would be stupid, because there is nothing that you can show at that time, except the news ofcourse.
I would complete four days in a few hours now, and I can see clearly that thinking about three more days, is nothing but insanity. But how the fuck am I going to get through office today, is our "Question of the dayyyyyy".

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