July 25, 2005

Smoke rings - Day 3

Two days. That was it.

I managed to survive the weekend, even the pub. It was the first time that we drank in the non-smokers room. It seemed like a different place altogether. If you take away the smoke from a pub, it takes away the charm as well. I felt like sipping alcohol at the airport. Just that they don't let you drink at the airport, but if they did it would be just like that, with the conditioned air and all.

It was when I realized that the reason why nicotine patches would never be as famous as cigarettes. It is because of the absence of smoke. This is what binds me to the stick.

There are other advantages as well. For example, the freedom to walk out of office whenever you feel like, just to have a smoke. And if you don't know anybody around, just start asking for a lighter and you'll soon find a soulmate. If he has a lighter, there is something common already. If you're new at office, you'd get to meet the smokers first, there is always a special bonding between smokers. People say that it is because they know none of them would live long but I think that's crazy. Some people smoke when they get tensed. I don't know how does smoking help there, but well everybody is entitled to their opinion. I don't think I fit into that category, but I just wanted to express that there is one like that.

I do understand that these advantages disappear into oblivion as soon as somebody mentions lung cancer. But I think that is still a long distance away, atleast ten or twenty light years away. By then I am sure, I would have found a better reason to quit than not wanting to die with lung cancer.

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