July 07, 2005

the press and the CIA

A certain reporter in America, has been jailed for refusing to name the source, who told her that a certain person was a CIA agent. The article from BBC also says that "The disclosure of a CIA agent's name can be a federal offence."
It's nice to see somebody from the press stand up for themselves. It doesn't matter, what the reason is. It just might be that there is no source, so she decided to protect herself, but I would like to believe that there is somebody in the big bad world, reading the news, following the proceedings and thinking to themselves, that I should have never done this.
However they have inspiration now, to make sure that the journalist who is holding on for them, does not get punished unnecessarily. Another journist who also had refused to name the source, now says they are ready to do it after his source told him it was alright to do it.